Jodi LaBossiere - Home - Newport Beach, CA

Welcome to my world!

A crazy, fast paced  you never know what will happen next place that is more fun than Well just about anything I can think of!

With more than 25 years in the Beauty and Fashion industry I am still going strong (and still making money) doing what I love to do!

With more cred than that Sugar Daddy with the black American Express I am branching out to help other models get their business in order.  Yes I said BUSINESS! The business of modeling is fantastic if you are willing to invest your time, energy, and resources to build it.  Do you think I would still be doing this after 25 years (the average life span of a model's career is only 2-5 years) if I didn't know how to brand, market and promote?  I have built a brand (which is me), and I can help you build yours!

Be sure to check back for updates, follow my blog, and keep an eye out for live events in your area as I plan to do much more speaking and seminars on the "Business" of Modeling.

NO! I am not an agent nor am I going to take your money and promise work.  Not why I am here.  I am here to educate you on the business side of things and provide seminars in the basics that you need to know when you walk on set.  If the Make up artist is a no show can you do it? If you need to shred in 2 weeks do you know how? Can you weed out the sharks and hone in on the "Legit" modeling opportunities?  Do you even know what category you fall into?  Can you make it through an interview without throwing in 23 "Likes", 12 "You Knows" and 3 Umms?  With more than 25 years of experience, and more than 300 Pageant, model search, and fitness competition wins to my credit I have worked constantly. I have been on the cover of Swimwear Illustrated Magazine, produced and hosted my own radio show, and even appeared regularly on Shop NBC (in more than 75 million homes) as an esthetician/beauty expert for major beauty brands.

If you are serious about building your business I am serious about showing you how!